Legacy Society

The 1913 Legacy Society honors donors who have designated Humboldt in their estate plans and whose spirit of generosity will support future generations of students.  

More than 100 years ago, generous donors from our local community came together to help create the Humboldt State Normal School. A donation of 55-acres of land by Arcata’s William Preston and the Union Water Company ensured Arcata would be the school’s home. Other community members promised more than $12,000, found temporary start-up space, and identified local residences to house students. Within a decade, the school built the administration building. Today, it is known as Founders Hall and is the campus’s oldest and most recognized building.

That charitable support from the community, alumni, and others has continued throughout the years.

Today, Cal Poly Humboldt recognizes that legacy and honors a group of our most important donors through the 1913 Legacy Society. Members of the Society are all donors who have designated Humboldt in their will, trust or other planned gifts, including life income gifts. Like Humboldt's original benefactors, members of the 1913 Legacy Society have made a vital commitment to the future of this institution. They have also set an inspiring example for others.

Those who have made this important commitment to Humboldt’s future are recognized in many ways.

  • Recognition online and in print publications (with your permission)
  • Invitation to annual luncheons hosted by the Cal Poly Humboldt's President
  • Invitations to special events 
  • Lapel pin and certificate of membership
  • Of course, the most important benefit for members of the 1913 Legacy Society is the satisfaction of making a positive difference for the many students whose lives will be forever changed at Cal Poly Humboldt.