HSU Foundation Board Member Sets Example by Giving Back

Humboldt State University makes a distinct and lasting impression on students, and Laura Fisher (‘84, Geology) believes that our students are in an excellent position to change the world for the better. “Attending HSU helps students learn to think beyond themselves--to take care of other people and our world. It’s about living true to who you are.” 

Laura is living true to her own principles, supporting the future of education at HSU by creating a bequest pledge with HSU. “The cost of education is very high, but if you really value something, you have to invest in it. We owe it to following generations to make the world a better place. And I encourage others to step up and do their part. It’s not that hard to make a real tangible impact.”

A bequest pledge is a powerful way to support future generations of students, and can be done by adding a few words to a will or estate plan. Bequest gifts can take many forms, including gifts of cash, securities, real estate, or personal property.

“I made a bequest pledge because HSU gave me such a strong foundation for my life and career. I think it’s important to give back so students have a strong foundation to build on in the future,” she says.

Laura has been a proud part of the Humboldt State community since she attended school here in the early ‘80s. HSU is where she also met her husband, Dave, who graduated with a Biology degree in 1983.

After graduating from HSU in 1984, Laura went on to earn a master's degree and then pursued a career in environmental health and safety. She has worked in both the public and private sectors and is currently focusing on environmental sustainability for a community-owned utility company in the Sacramento area.  

She has championed numerous initiatives through her advocacy and giving, including the groundbreaking Go Green Fund, which support programs and campus improvements that enhance the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the campus.

She’s also a member of the HSU Advancement Foundation Board and HSU Philanthropy and Advocacy Committee. As a donor and advocate, Laura is constantly thinking about ways to support education at HSU. “Working on the board has introduced me to a world of people who are super passionate and caring about HSU. It’s been inspiring.”

“If we can help others achieve what we’ve been able to achieve, the world can be a better place,” says Laura, speaking of HSU alumni and fellow donors.

She hopes to extend more opportunities to future students so they can make their own positive mark on the world. “Making the decision to attend HSU really changed my life. It gave me a chance to gain a different perspective and allowed me to explore Northern California. My education at HSU certainly opened up doors for my career and made me a better steward of our world."